Welcome to Our Online Store

by Jennifer Carland
Welcome to our Online Store
In March 2020, we at Nextra Sunbury have decided to open a Brand New Store, an Online store, almost ninety years after my grandparents bought Sunbury Newsagency in exactly the same location, at 14 Brook St Sunbury, in 1932, during the Depression, when my Grandfather William Davies couldn’t find work as a builder in Geelong. 
How ironic that we should be taking this big step in one of the most difficult Economic times the world has seen since The Great Depression!
Family owned and operated since 1932
I am proud that our Newsagency has been owned and operated by our family for all of those years. We have made many changes to our store to stay relevant in today’s society.
We are grateful for the support and loyalty we have always received from our local community and especially over the last few years as we have totally transformed our store in to what it is today. That is why we have our Nextra VIP Loyalty program which is FREE to join, to enable us to say Thank you to our loyal customers. 
There are many benefits to being a VIP customer but the best one is that we GIVE YOU a voucher equivalent to 10% of your purchase to spend on your next purchase, even when you are purchasing Sale items. It;s our way of saying Thank you. 
Our store is so much much than just a Newsagency. 
We are a One Stop Gift Shop proudly providing a range of beautiful quality gifts, clothes, shoes and homewares to customers in our community and beyond. 
Please be patient. We will be doing our best!
We ask you to be patient with us, this Online Store is all new to us, but we have been thinking about it for a long time and then decided, less than a week before our launch, that now was the time to do it!
We know that there will be hiccups,  but we also want you to know that you can trust us! 
You know where to find us!
If there are any problems please let us know and we will do our best to fix it ASAP. 
When they’re gone, they’re gone!
There will possibly be stock that sells out quickly,  and whilst  we understand that it will be frustrating, I’m not too worried as I think most people will recognise that part of the charm of our store, and what people have loved, is that many of the products we sell, especially clothes and shoes, are different and hard to find, so frequently we will have styles with only one or two in a size... so WHEN THEY’RE GONE, THEY’RE GONE!
Click and  Collect
While our Retail store remains open, you can arrange to pick up your parcel. We will text you to let you know when it is ready for pick up. 
Guaranteed Next day Delivery in Sunbury and Diggers Rest 
Regarding Delivery, we know at this stage Australia Post is still delivering, but there may be some delays. 
At the moment, we will be delivering any orders in Sunbury or Diggers Rest by the next day, as long as we have stock available. We will drop off your parcel at the place you nominate and send you a text with a photo when we have delivered it. 
Do you need to buy a Gift for somebody? We will deliver it directly to them 
If you need to buy a present for somebody, please let us know and we can arrange to place your gift in a gift bag for you. In the near future, we will also add some Greeting Cards to our Online store. 
It’s different, but we hope you can enjoy our Online Store 
With us all needing to stay at home, I am hoping that you can enjoy browsing in our Online store, just as so many people have enjoyed the experience of browsing in our Retail store. 
Our Online store won’t have anyway near as many different products as our Retail store and whilst you cannot replace the experience of shopping in our Retail store, with the heady mixture of all the gorgeous fragrances, the beautifully merchandised homewares, the mannequins with outfits accessorised with bags , scarves and jewellery that we may not have thought of putting together, and the huge selection of baby gifts that just make you smile, I am excited and hope that our Online store will give you an enjoyable experience of just some of the beautiful products that we have in our store.  Many, many people over recent times have told us how much they love spending time in our store just looking at all the beautiful things, many saying it’s their HAPPY PLACE. We hope you can enjoy browsing our Online store, whether you are buying or not, and it can be your Happy Place during these really tough times. 
My favourite part of the Online Store 
I love all of our Online Store, but my favourite part of the website is the scarves. I love scarves because they can totally transform an outfit, especially because I am usually dressed in black from head to toe. especially in winter!
We sell beautiful scarves from $12.95 up to around $150. It is often hard at first glance to wonder how you could ever justify spending over $100 on a scarf, especially online when you can’t feel their quality. What I have loved about looking at the scarves on the Website is being able to read the description of the scarf and finding out that it is made of Merino Wool or silk and seeing the different ways you could wear it, suddenly making you realise that, if you can afford it, $100 or more for a scarf could actually be money well spent and a great addition to your wardrobe because you will enjoy it for years to come. The fact that it feels and looks so beautiful and transforms an outfit means that it is in fact similar to spending money on a jacket or jumper. 
One thing I always say to customers to remember when shopping is;
“Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten, so buy the best you can afford.”
Thank you
I am so excited about our Online Store. Thank you to all of my wonderful team at our store for helping with the quick setup but most of all Thank you to my daughter Kate, she has been awesome. It has been the steepest learning curve of all time and without her this would not have happened. 
We have managed to get this up and running in just six days. Please keep checking in on us, as there is lots more to come, especially linking up with our Facebook and Instagram pages so that you can shop directly from there. 
Follow us on Facebook and Instagram 
Please follow us @nextrasunbury. It is the best way to keep up to date with what is happening INSTORE and now ONLINE! 
We also have lots of competitions and giveaways to say Thank you for Liking us. 
We really appreciate it. 
I hope that you enjoy our new website 
From my family , including my amazing work family ... Please Stay safe. 
See you soon 
Jenny x

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